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Harald Kloser



HARALD KLOSER (Producer) was born in the small village of Hard, Austria. Kloser started out as a music teacher before be­co­m­ing a professional musician. His composing career began in the world of pop and rock music, writing and producing for such artists as Elton John, Falco, Al Jarreau, Tom Waits, and Jose Fe­liciano, among many others.

In 1991, Kloser and his family relocated to Los Angeles, where he began his career as a film composer. He has since scored more than 50 television and film projects including The Thirteen­th Floor, Alien vs. Predator and Roland Emmerich’s The Day A­fter Tomorrow, 2012, Shakespearean drama Anonymous, and most recently White House Down.

Well known in the film industry for his work as a composer, Klo­ser has crossed over into writing and producing. He wrote and produced features such as Emmerich’s prehistoric e­pic 10,000 B.C. and the blockbuster hit 2012 before serving as a producer on Emmerich’s White House Down and the new Independence Day Resurgence.

Kloser has also ventured into television, writing and producing with his production company Street Entertainment. Through his company, he is currently producing a super natural thrill­er­, Discarnate, directed by famed photographer Mario Sorrenti.