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Workshop III


»Innovation incentives, exchange, and development of excellence:

Useful measures«


The workshop will follow the question of how science organi­zations can address and motivate filmmakers as a new target group in science communication to encourage the responsible inclusion of relevant STEM topics and characters representing the STEM field.


Furthermore, it shall be discussed which roles science founda­tions can have in this widely underrepresented field of science communication.


Ann Merchant, Deputy Executive Director for Communications at the »National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medi­cine« (NAS) in Washington, D.C., will give insights in successful measures and approaches of Hollywoods »Science and Enter­tain­ment-Exchange« which has been established by the NAS. Beate Koch, Communication office at Max-Planck-Society, Dominik Donhauser, spokesman at Frauenhofer-Socie­ty, and Dr. Thomas Brunotte, representative of the Sekretariat General of Volkswagen Foundation will share their insights and perspectives on the topic.


Moderation: Dr. Marion Esch